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Trees & Shrubs

Barleria cristata (Phillipine Violet)
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Acanthaceae. Zones 8b-11. This is an absolutely beautiful tender shrub. In fall through winter and sporadically throughout the year, it is completely electrified with bright light purple blossoms, flattering the dark green foliage. Can easily grow to six feet plus in a near frost free climate. Can be grown as a perennial in zones 8b through 9, but must be protected from temperatures below about 25 degrees in order to enjoy the blooms. Works well as a container specimen in colder climates. Like many members of its family, when the seeds are ripe, water hitting the seeds propels them many feet from the mother plant. We have found seedlings of Barleria 25 feet from our mother plants. Full sun to shade. Very adaptable to soils.