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Trees & Shrubs

Opuntia x 'Sunshine' (Cactus)
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Cactaceae. Zones 6b-10. We received this cactus from Mark Sheely of Salem, Virginia, who developed this cross between Opuntia humifusa and Opuntia microdasys. The result shows both parents, the prostrate habit coming from O. humifusa and the tufts of orangish-red glochids on the pads coming from O. microdasys, aka Bunny Ears. The best thing about this cactus is its amazing flower habit. Mark showed us a photograph of his front yard containing a 4 by 4 clump, which exhibited over 200 blooms at one time! A spectacular sight! We suspect this plant could be used effectively as a steep bank groundcover or as an attractive succulent border in front of larger succulents. Full sun, well-drained soil.