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Trees & Shrubs

Stephanotis floribunda (Bridal Wreath)
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Asclepidaceae. Zones 9b-11. Incredibly fragrant, somewhat star-like blossoms, are hosted by a beautiful vine with shiny long dark green leaves. Our parent plant survived 27 degrees for several nights with minor damage on the very top edges. Much more cold tolerant than previously thought. Florists have used this plant for many years as a fragrant enhancement to bouquets and arrangements. Makes an imposing indoor specimen in a sunny window or outdoors at the edge of a tree line where it can grow and climb. Ours has climbed straight up 20 some feet into a Laurel Oak and appears to want to keep on climbing. All of those reports about 40 degrees being an absolute low are obviously wrong, as ours has come through virtually unscathed at 27 degrees for several nights under the canopy of the aforesaid Laurel Oak. Plants Rule!